Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Friends Indeed

Job 12

I am getting the feeling reading this that these guys were not actually Job's friends. A true friend just doesn't kick you when you are down. Of course they will tell you the truth and sometime that is difficult but from a friend it doesn't seem half as bad.

These guys seem to want to put the boot in. Its almost like they are gloating in what is happening to him. Zophar weighs is with v 7, You think this is bad actually you haven’t got half what you deserve. Encouraging eh?

Family gone, possessions gone, business gone, health gone, faith in crisis and desperate to die. What else could happen?

Friends are important but not guys like this. True friends. You don't come across them very often. You can probably number them on your fingers. Friends do not walk away no matter how much you have screwed up. Friends are honest with you but love and accept you at the same time. Friends share good times and bad time together. They are fiercely loyal and constantly supportive.

Think about someone in your life like that and you have found a friend. Not a facebook friend a true friend.


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