Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Judge and Jury

Job 20

Jesus encouraged us not to judge people. (Matthew 7 v 1) We also receive this instruction in James 4 v 12 & Romans 14 v 10.

Zophar's argument is a perfect example of why this is good advice. Zophar knew truth, he knew that in the end wicked people would not prosper before God whatever the short term impression. However he wrongly applied this truth to Job. It was not the truth that was the problem it was how he used it.

It is so easy to look at situations, apply our filter of knowledge, and end up with the wrong conclusion. It is important to seek not only knowledge but wisdom from God.

The great thing is that God through the Holy Spirit wants to help and assist us with incredible Gifts that allow us to catch a glimpse of how he sees things. His wisdom. So next time you are tempted to judge a situation using your accumulated knowledge pause. (Difficult for the likes of me) Then ask God for his wisdom instead of rushing to judgement like Zophar.


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