Monday, October 20, 2008


What now seems many years ago (1982 - 1984) I attended Mattersey Hall Bible College.

Strange that I knew everything back then and now 24 years later I know nothing.

Well today I am going to the funeral of one of my old lecturers - Vernon Ralphs. He went to be with the Lord recently.

When I was at college Vernon was a visiting lecturer while he still pastored in Luton eventually after I had left he went to work full time at the college for 20 years. I remember him teaching New Testament Survey but he went on to be Director of Studies. He also pastored churches in Golborne (Lancashire), Newark (Nottinghamshire), Brentwood (Essex).

Vernon was a faithful servant for God. He wrote this in a recent blog post:

The future? We must plan for the eternal future. “For what shall it profit a man
if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36).

Vernon has now entered into his eternal future well prepared. Please pray for his wife Brenda and family at this time.


Anonymous said...

Vernon was my pastor when I was a young man in Brentwood in the 1970's. Today I was returning home to Caerphilly from European Puppet and Creative Arts Festival and bringing the Postman (aka Chris Mathewman)now of Aberdare back with my team. And in the conversation he mentioned that Vernon had gone to be with the Lord. I have fond memories of Vernon and his encouragement as I was starting out on a working life away from my home. I would pray God's blessing on his family. A faithful servant - promoted.
God bless from Cameron Muir-Jones.

Anonymous said...

i have just found out today that Vernon is now poplating heaven, and like down here he was popular he will be even more up there, i counted him and brenda as a close friend, reliable in every way, he reflected Jesus to me and showed me so much of how a person should be, too me he is one of the greats and who funeral i am upset not to attend but i was just trying to send an e mail to him now but kept failing, you where the best lecturor at Mattersey sorry but its true with out u and brenda i would never have survived the three years there, u opened your home to all the students who would come and some of us needed your mother and father heart while there, to me u will always be a mentor, friend, and the greatest example of a Man of God, may you continue to shine for him, love sue Rumney

Roger Smith said...

Vernon was a good friend and great mentor to me.

Since Vernon's passing to glory, his websites have not been accessible.

All his previous webpages have now been uploaded to a new website and server at:

Roger A Smith

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