Friday, October 24, 2008

List of Good Words

The ploys of the enemy do not change very much - deception and isolation. Why is it when we are in trouble we retreat into ourselves. We buy into the lie that if other people knew the real me and if God knew the real me they and he could not love me. The lie leeds to isoloation. Isolation from family, friends and a church community.

God loves us with all our rubbish there is NOTHING we can do that will stop God loving us.

Please read this post by Craig Groeschel now. It is brilliant. Then switch off your computer and start writing and do not stop till you get to 100.


Anonymous said...

very uplifting devotion this morning, this is true Billy i get bogGED down by my past but is the past the real me or just an experience or the road the Lord has taken me through i tend to retreat into myself and get isolated and lonely i know JESUS LOVES ME

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us of God's Amazing Grace, I will be be writing those words. that was a powerful story

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