Friday, October 03, 2008

Outward Bound

Tomorrow I catch an early morning Delta flight to New York. Ryan and I are heading off to catalyst conference. On the way we will be stopping off in Long Island to visit Roger & Gill Blackmore. Roger was my pastor as I was growing up and is responsible for shaping my early spiritual development. (So yes blame him)

It is the 10th anniversary of their church that meets in a Cinema. Each week loads of volunteers turn up early in the morning and load in and set up everything, and I mean everything, to make church happen. Incredible. I am so excited to be there for this special occasion.

We are then going on to Atlanta for catalyst. It is sure to be a great time of inspiration and a great opportunity to network with some friends from across the pond. We will also visit 3 churches on the Sunday before we flyback.

Some of you may ask why go to conferences:

  • I need to continually grow as a leader being challenged by better leaders is vital.
  • It gives you a wider understanding of what is going on in the church at large.
  • Its helps you learn from other people successes and failures.
  • As a leader you need to be refreshed and receive input from others.
  • I need to be continually challenged to grow.
  • It gets you away from all distractions and creates a great learning environment.
Looking forward to a week where I am going to be challenged an taught by God.


Anonymous said...

i hope you will give us some of your spiritual food when you are back we are hungry

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