Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Things I hate about myself

  • It takes very little to make me worry, a sleepless night is very easy to come by.
  • It takes very little to get me angry
  • I often take things personally when I shouldn't
  • I often speak before I think
  • I am often at "work" even when I am home. The lap top does not help.
  • Believe it or not I try to please people too often (insecurity)
  • I have to prove myself all the time (insecurity again)
  • At the same time I can be very selfish (how does that work?)
  • I feel guilty allot of the time. I have not done this piece of work, I have not spent any time with the kids, I am not a support to my wife enough the list goes on. But even my guilt does not move me past my selfishness.
There are others but think that is enough for now. Not exactly a resume for a good Christian let alone a church leader. (I may get fired if Mark reads this - something else to worry about) Today and every day I thank God that I experience his grace that still loves me and seeks to mould and change me.

Philip Yancey in his book, What is so amazing about grace, told a story about a guy who went back to work amongst the clan who had killed his friend. When asked why he answered: (And please do not get offended) "We are all B******S but God loves us any way"


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy, just wanted to say I read your blog every morning before work and it never fails to help me and inspire me for the day ahead. Keep up the good work. There are things about myself I 'hate' too, and it is so great to be reminded that God loves me anyway. Cheers Billy.

Anonymous said...

hi Billy we love you and look forward to read you devotions or funny jokes keep up the good work for God glory

Anonymous said...

Billy i love reading your devotions you are real person with problems just like us, that is what i love about you, you are not one of those goody goody leaders never done any thing wrong your devotions help to uplift us God bless you and keep up the good work

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