Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Playing your part

Ever wanted to do something for God but it does not seem to work out. A passion burns in your heart to accomplish a certain thing but no matter how hard you try it does not happen.

King David experienced exactly this. His passion was to build a temple for God in Jerusalem. The message says in 1 Chronicles 22 that he wanted in the “worst” way to build God’s house. He had set his heart on something for God and was desperate to do it but God actually prevented him from doing it.

Worse David’s dream was going to be fulfilled and accomplished by someone else, his son Solomon. David had done the heavy lifting in this mission surely he deserved the glory. God said no.

David’s reaction? Was he bitter, angry, resentful, critical? No it was encouragement. That takes a huge person to do that. 1 Chronicles 22 v 18. I played my part now its time for you to play yours.

What an incredible heart.


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