Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just breathe

Picked up the new Superchick album - Rock What You Got. Great album! One song really got to me today.

The opening lines are:

Please tell me you'll fight this fight
I can't see without your light
I need you to breathe into my life

It maybe your call today to God. Like Asa the king we have looked at over the last couple of days you don't have to fight this battle alone. God's answer to you is that you do not have to, and never will have to fight this battle on your own. He is on your side. Maybe you have come to the end and all you can do is just breathe. Well keep breathing and let him do the rest.


Anonymous said...

very good devotion today yesterday i was in tears and i felt like giving up i felt as if my light was dim or not there anymore reading this today has uplifted me i know we are in a battle but at times i feel all alone thank you Billy

Billy Ritchie said...

You never need to be alone. God is always there and His people are always there. We always have pastoral staff at church, a care team who are always happy to assist and best of all Life Groups to connect to. We all need God and great friends.

Anonymous said...

it is not that easy trust me

Billy Ritchie said...

Hey I know its not easy but it is possible. Not sure if you caught the message by Louie Giglio at church a couple of weeks ago called the anchor of hope. Because of copyright issues it is not on our site but you can watch it here. the preach starts about 28 min in. Click on the bar at the bottom of the video to jump forward through the video.

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