Wednesday, October 08, 2008

There is always another giant

One of my favourite Bible stories growing up was David & Goliath. A little guy faced with an impossible task that was sure to be crushed like a nat came through with God’s help. He was God’s man on God’s mission and had to fight God’s battle.

The battle was over the victory won time to rest and reflect in the glory. But when you are on a conquest for God there is always another Giant around the corner. Well there is if you are not prepared to settle where you are.

In 1 Chronicles 20 we read an account of more battles fought and more giants faced and defeated. And the new Giants are bigger and more fearsome than the last one. But God is still the same. The challenges may be different but his power is more than enough.

I also noticed that it was not David killing the giant any more it was his mighty men. He realised that his mission was bigger than himself and he mentored others to go after the giants. Previously it was him alone against the enemy everyone else cowered away but his example had inspired a new wave of giant slayers.


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