Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hail to the King - Hillsong London

Hillsong Church in London is exploding. They meet in the Dominion Theatre every Sunday where over a 100 volunteers load in and set up church. They are passionate about the church being ...the visible representation of the invisible God.

I've just been sent a pre release of their brand new album by Integrity Music - Hail to the King. Their first album in about 3 years but I can assure you it it has been wort the wait.

From high energy songs like RISE (co wrote by Israel Houghton) to the haunting melody "Look to the cross" the album takes you on a spiritual adventure.

Check out You are Here (The Same Power) on YouTube below then preorder the album here its out next week.


Anonymous said...

this is great music uplift my spirit i must get a copy

Anonymous said...

Mate, i was listening to this yesterday got hold of it today (we're doing the chorus bit of the same power SUnday!)

They've absolutely nailed this album, I love 'you brought me home' I've seen that guy do that live and it's just unbelievable!

Em B

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