Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

  • Love it when the clocks go back. You get an extra hour in bed then you get to tell people who think they are turning up 15 min late for the service that they are actually 45 min early. (Yes I am sad I get a kick out of that)
  • The band did a great set today my highlight the song Undivided by Wade Joye of Elevation Church. Get it from iTunes here.
  • Mark did a great job in talking about the Addiction of Happiness. Photo on right struggling with his rucksack with his bricks of fatigue, debt, conflict etc.
  • His advice 1. Focus on being grateful 2. Focus on being generous with your possessions and 3. Focus on maintaining a godly perspective on what we have.
  • You are going to last a lot longer than possessions
  • Insomnia increases with income
  • If you missed it listen here.
  • Spent the afternoon experimenting with a couple of recipes. 1. Macaroni Salad and 2. Copycat Outback Steak Marinade. We will find out tonight how it went.
  • American Football League live in Wembley, London Yeah!


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