Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kindred Spirits

For the next couple of months my days and nights will be filled of thoughts of bands, production & foremost ticket sales. We are now in the run up to our annual music extravaganza at Alton Towers - The Ultimate Event.

I called Justin from Lemonade Productions yesterday. He organises a similar festival - frenzy - in Edinburgh each year. It was great to talk with him. Its always good to connect to someone else who goes through some of the same ups and downs.

Although not the reason we do it ticket sales become so important as we try to balance the budget. Sitting late in the evening checking emails for the latest sale is not uncommon or even first thing in the morning.

All that is forgotten on the day when we see 1000's of young people join together and bring their friends that don't yet know God. The biggest kick we get is hearing stories of how people lives were changed forever because of one of our events. Last year a guy rang up to book some tickets for his youth group only to tell me he started following Jesus at the Ultimate Event years earlier. How cool is that!

Praying for many people to meet Jesus at Frenzy & Ultimate this summer.


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