Monday, February 19, 2007

Great Sunday

Our services on Sunday were awesome. We continued our latest teaching series - the Road to Recovery. Steve Adkins did a great job preaching on Let Go and Let God.

He presented the great news that Jesus wants to be involved in people lives. Many things stop us or hold us back. Pride, guilt, worry & fear. God will not impose himself on us but all it takes is a decision and we can start on the most amazing relationship we can ever have.

Salvation is a decision followed by a process. We very often try to work everything out before making a decision to do something. We get invested in the process. What if? Are we good enough? What if I can not keep it up? the questions go on. The important thing is that in making the decision we now have God in our lives to help us through all the question.

It was awesome to see 17 people make a decision on Sunday to follow Jesus for the first time at our services. Now the fun begins - working on this brand new relationship with Jesus.


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