Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Band Rocked the House

This morning at church was stonkin! The band was in fine form as they belted out praise to God. One line which captured my attention for the song "He turned my Morning into Dancing" was God's anger lasts for a moment but His favour on us lasts a lifetime. (Well that was the jist of it anyway - not good with lyrics)

Its awesome to know that we have the favour of our great God on us for our whole lifetime. We can spend our lives trying to win and earn all sorts of people favour but we already have Gods! God is for us not against us. I know that in some churches you wouldn't believe that was the case because of the message of judgement and condemnation they propagate in the name of the Gospel, but is is true.

Our early morning service had a larger crowd than normal. The car park was a disaster area. We already provide a bus service from a nearby college car park to help with paring now we will have to start to provide this in our early service as well. We don't want people to miss out on hearing this great message of God's favour.


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