Thursday, February 15, 2007

Grace is hard to handle

This last Sunday I had a ball preaching at our church. We have recently started a new series called the "Road to Recovery". It's based on the idea that we all have hurts and hangups, God loves us and we are all on a road to recovery. This journey we are on with Jesus is the most important and challenging thing we face. To become more like Jesus is the most inspiring but difficult thing we face.

We need to realise that none of us could have started this journey without God's grace. None of us deserve to be called His followers. We are all agreed on that. (I think). Us happy huddle of Christians love to bathe in the river of God's grace. I have discovered that the real test of Grace is not when we receive it, its when we have to give it away.

This past Sunday I talked about the fact that God IS love. His grace is available to everyone. All fine until we start to use words like Gays. When we say that the church must be open to all and a place where people can find a safe place to begin their journey with God somehow we don't always mean ALL people.

Don't get me wrong sin is not acceptable to God in any form. But lets remember the old saying, God hates the Sin but loves the sinner. For those of us who have started this incredible journey we must always remember how MUCH we have been forgiven how much we still struggle with some things in our own lives that we wouldn't want many people to know about. God knows, he is cool, and he is there to help us - thats the reason why he sent His son.

Remember we will do things out of love that we will never do out of fear. Don't keep the worlds greatest gift - God's grace - for yourself, give it away. God knows we all need it!


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