Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Building

Had a great meeting yesterday with our Architect about our developments to expand our facilities at Milton Keynes Christian Centre.

Although we have some delays and difficulties it gave us the opportunity to present our vision for the future to the church and wow the stepped up. At our commitment Sunday last November our incredible people grabbed hold of the vision and pledged to give £1m over the next 3 years.

We presently have great building but it has now become too small for us and is restricting our growth. We have added a second and third service. Our usual 11 am Sunday service is still proving the most popular but we continue to explore ways to grow in our current site.

We have been able to obtain an option on a piece of land adjacent to our current site and exploring the best way to develop our campus to take us forward. Yesterdays meeting made us all feel we were really making progress. The architect is getting a clearer picture of our needs and he is helping us clarify our requirements.

We should get a couple of options sketched out in the next week or so and I am looking forward to putting some pictures to our vision with our church.


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