Thursday, March 31, 2011

Celebrate the results don't diss the method

I overheard a conversation today whilst having my coffee in McDonald's between a mum and her daughter.

School work was the topic of conversation particularly maths. The young lade was explaining the way she had been taught to do things like long division. She was getting the right answer the mum couldn't understand the method she was using to get there. She had been taught a different way. But instead of leaving it at that she continued to slag off her daughters method.

She didn't understand it so she said what the daughter had been taught was: complicated, long winded, unnecessary and even stupid. Without once congratulating her on getting the right answer.

I felt God say to me with each generation methods change but not the results. Celebrate the results don't diss the method.

Unfortunately too many times in church life each successive generation holds on to their methods or even worse spend their time trying to force their methods on the next generation.

Be a guide, be an encourager but don't straitjacket the next generation with methods that fit you like a glove but become a ball and chain for the next generation.

Lets celebrate the results.


NHISHand said...


As a youth minister you hit on something that is a very possitve aspect of getting GOD's Word to all generations! Focus on the Word! We are always taught to know our audience! But the more important part is to know JESUS and HE will give you all the words need to communicate from generation to generation! Would love for you to check out our blog and give us your perspective on some of the topics

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