Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uleash Session 1

Literally no one can sing "Revelation Song"(Jesus Culture Link) like RoseAngela!! It brings me to tears every time.

Here are some quotes from the first session with Perry Noble at Unleash.

  • Social justice without the gospel is social injustice.
  • When people come to our churches they are starving so we need to give them the BREAD of life - JESUS nothing else will work.
  • The Church don't have an agenda it has a saviour.
  • Too many people in the Church are obsessed with themselves instead of Him.
  • It's funny how we try to control the church but at it's start God put fire and wind together which is uncontrollable.
  • If you are not making disciples that reach and make new disciples then you are not making disciples.
  • We are approved by God not because of our performance for God but by our position in Christ
  • Mature Christians always give up their rights in church first.
  • Church...don't confuse reverence with rigor mortis.
  • Pentecost wasn't about social was about in-your-face evangelism. That's why 3000 people came to know Jesus.
  • Your church is paying and funding something, either a rescue mission or a museum preservation.
  • We wouldn't kick a sick child out of our house but the Church kicks spiritually sick people out all of the time.


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