Saturday, March 05, 2011

Waking Up

This week I heard about yet another pastor who has made the catastrophic decision to have an affair. It is catastrophic for the pastor, his wife, his kids, his ministry, the church, the other persons family.

God is a God of grace and restoration and he can make beauty out of ugly things but guys come on get a grip and get some help. I suppose a pastor taking to someone to tell them they are being tempted is a huge thing and too many are too scared to have the conversation.

We have got to seek out and form relationships where we are able to talk about or temptation without it being judged a sin. The alternative is isolation and the possibility of a fall from temptation into sin.

But even if you can't have the conversation watch this video and give yourself a gut check that there is always waking up the morning after.

Waking Up from Jonathan Reisinger on Vimeo.

Via Pete Wilson


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