Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Home of Faith

Meeting a man who was desperate to get his hands on his inheritance Jesus told him the story about a rich fool. A guy that spent all his life collecting possessions. Making warehouses to keep them in, only to knock them down again to make bigger ones, to store even more possessions. Then the rich fool died leaving all "his" possessions behind.

Jesus said specifically: "Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions." Luke 12 v 15

I have been deeply challenged by the story of a young lady who is making a difference for Jesus in India who has nothing of her own. I on the otherhand have a nice home and lots of stuff.

Sunitha Johnson works in Andhra Pradesh, India.

LightForce International tells the story:

"When Samuel Johnson died his wife and daughter (Sunitha) lost their home and everything they owned. Sunitha - undeterred, committed to live out what her father taught her. 7 years later at 29 years old she is caring for 69 orphans and a group of widows. The community numbers 90 in all and she believes God to provide for them daily.

As if that were not enough she has started 42 church groups in villages throughout a vast area. Many times Sunitha has been stoned as aggressive idolaters have sought to drive her away - but through patience and prayer and a belief in the importance of sharing her life changing message she has prevailed.

She has no home, room, bed or bed sheet - she stays wherever she can, living out of two bags which carry all she has, using a bath towel and shawl to lay on and cover herself at night. She is a real example of sacrificial service."

LightForce International (MKCC's Missions Arm) have partnered with Sunitha to build a "Home of Faith" the project will cost £27,000. Read more about it here and also give towards the work of this amazing lady.


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