Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Travel Tussels

Traveled for 20 hours yesterday so a tad tired.

Journey didn't get off to a good start when plane was delayed. Auxiliary engine failed. Captain said that he had to find a new route that meant that we flew over more land. Some regulation. So instead of flying towards France and then across the Atlantic we were to head North over Scotland, Greenland, Canada etc.

The pilot assured us that it was OK and that the Aux engine was the 4th back up. So 3 engines would have to fail before we were in trouble! Also I wasn't sure that flying over more land that was sub zero and covered in ice and snow was concussive to landing!

We then waited 30 minutes at the car rental reception because they could not find our booking. After what seemed a life time they realised they had been looking at the wrong clip board. Just what you need after a long flight at 2 am.

But we enjoyed a chick fil a before hitting the sack.

We are now in Anderson, SC and eating breakfast at Panera Bread before heading off to NewSpring Church to join their All Staff Meeting. Excited beyond words!


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