Wednesday, February 04, 2009

UK Church on the up?

The Telegraph recently reported that church attendance in the UK has increased by 5%. Read the whole article here but these are some of the quotes.

The proportion who say they attend church every month has risen from 13 per cent to 15 per cent, while one in 10 claim they go at least once a week, up from 9 per cent.

It would mean that 7.3million adults now go to church – excluding weddings, baptisms and funerals – once a month.

Tearfund says churches are reaching out to people in their communities and offering them practical help with their lives as well as spiritual guidance, making them increasingly relevant as people lose their jobs and worry about debt or having their homes repossessed in the recession.

"In this country, we work with lots of churches who offer vital family support to parents and carers, give advice and counselling around debt and financial management, help refugees to settle into the community, provide companionship for older people, and offer networks of friends to young adults.

"Seeing the church reach out to people is something we're very excited about, and which appears to be having a real impact on attendance and church growth."


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