Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'll be in Scotland a fore y'

Well I am back in England now but spent the last couple of days in Scotland with Mark planning out some things for our church for 2009. The accommodation was cheap - My dads'.

  • Getting away from the office and the internet freed up some great thinking time.
  • I forgot how cold it gets up there.
  • Some good things happening in many of the churches in the area.
  • However it breaks my heart to see my old home church look like it is having difficult times.
  • Spent a couple of hours with Steve Ritchie Pastor of Fraserburgh AOG and his assistant Ben Ritchie. Seems like great things happening there.
  • Seems like they are making the mammoth trip to the Ultimate Event this May. North Scotland to Alton Towers they must be mad.
  • Did a cafe crawl as opposed to a pub crawl. Think I now look like a cup of tea.
  • Picked up some Stovies and Oatmeal Stuffing.
  • Mike wound me up when I landed in Luton by texting me to say that he had arrived to pick me up and was waiting outside Terminal 4 at HEATHROW. I had a minor panic.
Glad to be back and time to get things ready for Sunday - Habakkuk - What does it mean to live by faith?


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