Sunday, February 22, 2009

Habakkuk Revisited

A few people have commented to me that somehow my teaching on Habakkuk over the last few weeks have helped them. I am so glad that somehow a few of the words I spoke connected them to a living God that loves them so much.

Many of the words and thoughts belonged to others as I gleaned then from the various books, blogs, websites I read and the video's I watched to prepare for the series. I trust that I also heard from God a little as I read His word and tried to listen to His voice. This is open for everyone of us. God is waiting to speak to you you just need to listen.

Honestly, I have gone through some minor difficulties in my life, but know only too well that so many people are facing real difficult even life challenging situations. My heart and prayers go out to them.

Just today I read of 2 more families who are wrestling with God and learning to trust:

Josh Turner & his daughter Riley


Jason & Jess Smithers


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