Monday, February 02, 2009

Skin Deep

Preparing for this weekends message on the Prophet Habakkuk I stumbled upon something I found challenging.

Around the time the Habakkuk was prophesying King Josiah was king of Judah. Now he was looked on as a great King. Following on the heals of some bad guys he "Did what was right in the eyes of God". He did lots of great things getting rid of shrines and alters to false God's, renewing Judah's covenant with God. Read 2 King 22 -23

What is interesting to me is at the same time as all this great work Jeremiah read Jer Ch 2 - 6 was saying not so complementary things about the people and their actions.

It turned out that this revival was only skin deep. Yes the leader in the shape of the King made huge changes visually ultimately peoples hearts were not changed.

That is a challenge for us church leaders in that we must ensure what we are doing is making the difference we really are after - true life change - otherwise we are just wasting our time.


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