Sunday, February 22, 2009

More love

Toady we started a brand new series at MKCC - Revolutionary Love. I read today a prayer by Peter Marshall a Scottish American preacher who served as Chaplain to the US Senate in 1937. The language is a little dated but the prayer for more love is awesome.

"Father, as I draw near to Thee in prayer, I am aware of the poverty of my love for thee.

I have often given my heart to unworthy causes.
I have loved money and sought my security in it.
I have loved comfort and ease.
I have loved power and influence over others.

How strange it is that of all the things we humans love, our Lord, who is love and goodness and grace, should Himself receive so little love.

Yet I cannot manufacture the love I should bear Thee, even as I have not manufactured the love I feel for others. Thou art the giver of love. Except Thou bestow it, I cannot have it.

And so, my Father, wilt Thou give me the gift of love? Then I shall love Thee, and loving Thee, shall love other men - and compassion shall rise within me, warm and sweet.

But I ask not merely to love those easy to love. Help me to love those who are hard to live with. Give me a concern for the needs of others, not on the basis of barter or exchange - not love given for love received - but love given to the unlovely for Christ’s sake.

Then shall my love partake of Thine, who dares to own me still. In the name of Him who is the King of Love. Amen."


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