Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome Break

Little things tend to annoy me. Then there is the British service industry. That really ticks me off.

As I travel around the UK motorway system I am encouraged to take a break have a rest at one of our over priced service stations. They have a captive audience so the decide the customer is there to be fleased for anything from fuel to a mars bar.

Last night I went to one ironically called Welcome Break. I bought my Burger King and set of to have a "rest" one one of the big leather sofas they have invested in which I suppose is their attempt to help you enjoy this well needed break.

As I walked towards this oasis of calm I was shouted at and told that that whole area had been closed for the night. It was 8.30 pm. In fact as it turned out they had closed around 80% of the seats in the service station. Why? They did this every night. They cleaned that area ready for the morning. So if you wanted to have a break from around 8.30 pm till 8.30 the next morning you couldn't access the most comfortable area.

Now I have to admit I am one of those sad people who will try to get one of the soft seats in Starbucks. But for the life of me why would a company incest money into items that are there to make their customers experience better only to declare them off bounds for 50% of the time they are open. Why are the people that arrive at 9 am more important than the people that arrive at 9 pm.

Unfortunately, i would suggest they have become more obsessed with their internal workings and procedures making things easier for them that they have forgotten that they are there to provide what their name suggests - a Welcome Break.

Thinking today what have I taken my eye off. Church is all about people. What does church do to make it easier for itself whilst inconveniencing people.


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