Monday, July 30, 2007

Can I do this every week?

Our building at MKCC is very much a multi use building. Our main hall is used each Sunday for our church service but during the week it takes on many guises. Nursery, children's clubs, meetings etc etc. So at the end of each Sunday we put away all the seats.

I was helping and this lady came up and started helping as well. She lifted and stacked the chairs as well as moving the stacks. Once we had finished she came up and asked me "Could I do this every week? I get so much and I just want to give something back to say thank you."

What a great attitude. I nearly cried. I just loved her heart of gratitude. Makes a change from the little quips you hear sometimes: "I am not being fed" Thank goodness the heart of gratitude shouts loud.

I am grateful for an unbelievable wife.
I am grateful for my kids.
I am grateful for some incredible friends.
I am grateful that I get to do a job I love.
I am grateful for all the members of MKCC that give so much of their time, talent and treasure.
I am grateful that Jesus stepped into my life.

Hey its a wonderful life.

What are you grateful for.


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