Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thank God for Mollie

My 15 year old daughter brought home a baby from school last night. Well actually a baby doll. The deal is that it acts very much like a real baby - it cries allot. It cries when its hungry, when it needs changing, when it needs attention.

Abbie was up at 4 am with mollie and found it difficult to get ready for school because the baby just wouldn't settle down. As I was leaving Abbie told me she NEVER wanted a baby. Music to a fathers ears. Anything that tells my 15 year old baby that she shouldn't have a baby for many years gets my vote!

The Bible talks about people who have just started a relationship with Jesus as babies. Babies can be time consuming, disturb your routine, demand your attention and generally make a mess but Mum and Dad wouldn't have it any other way because the new life is priceless.

Each new life that starts when a person collides with Jesus is priceless. They are not the finished article and they are sure to mess things up and disturb the status quo but we just can not have it any other way.

It is the reason we exist.


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