Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hearsay Faith

This week I received an e mail asking me to add my name to a petition on a government website. It suggested that the government was planning to use £100m of public money to build a "super" mosque in London. I was being asked to add my name to protest against this. (whether I should do this is another story for another time)

I am always wary of these e mails so decided to check things out a little. It would appear that there was very little truth if any in this story. (Read Mayor response) My point? If I acted on hearsay I would have been acting on untruth.

My faith is not supposed to be the result of hearsay. To often we can depend on someone elses's understanding of God without gaining the intimate knowledge of God for ourselves. I think the saying goes we can learn allot about God without ever knowing God. Following Jesus is all about relationship and intimacy. As in any relationship the first meeting is just that the first meeting. There is such a vast wide world in God that we still have to explore. I don't want to hear other peoples stories and experience, they just inspire me to know God more for myself.

Philippians 3 v 8 - 10


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