Tuesday, July 03, 2007

mad church disease

After my post yesterday about the difficulties I have been experiencing it was interesting that the following post found its way to my Google Reader today. Written by Terry Storch.

Today is the public launch of MadChurchDisease.com. As a trailblazer, or early adopter if you will, I have been supporting Anne in this project for a while now. I am excited about it, and really think it will have a big Kingdom impact. Here are the highlights in a short and sweet TerryStorch.com kinda way.

–The Book–
Mad Church Disease is a book which will discuss the epidemic of ministry burnout in today’s contemporary church.

–About Anne—
She is a friend of mine. Read more here.

–Get Involved NOW!–

Here is your action step to help with the project. Click here, and take the survey. I have already done it!

–Spread it—
If you feel like spreading the news about Mad Church Disease you can click here and see all the ways to add images like this.

Make sure you take the survey today and tell your friends about it.


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