Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Blair Years

I picked up a copy of "The Blair Years" which for the uninitiated is a book compiled from extracts of a diary by Alastair Campbell. Realise I am a little sad but this book has got me quite intrigued. This last week I watched a 3 part BBC documentary based on the book and it got me hooked. (However thought it quite ironic that the BBC did so much to portray AC in such a positive light after the intense difficulties between the two - particularly surrounding the Hutton enquiry.)

Don't really want to be too political but suffice to say having grown up under the iron lady - Margaret Thatcher - I was only to happy to see the demise of the then Tory party and the dawn of a new force, New Labour under the guidance of Tony Blair. All these years later I am not really sure if they really made a massive difference. I am sure they did but somehow we expected even more.

However one quote very early on in the book, at 757 pages it could take some time, was, "Caution won't win elections, courage will." This phrase really caught my attention and challenged me. Reminded me of this verse and Joshua standing on the verge or the unknown. History stood before him and all he needed was the courage to step into it.

Sometimes I am far too cautious, must remember that courage is needed to win.


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