Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unleash 2008

Myself and our Senior Pastor, Mark, have just signed up to go to the Unleash 2008 conference at NewSpring Church in March.

I can not remember how I first came in contact with NewSpring, probably through reading a blog, but it has made a great impact on me without ever visiting there. In fact in someways you do not have to visit. Many of the staff are readily available through their blogs:

Perry Noble
Tony Morgan
Lee McDerment
Pudge Huckaby

To name a few. They also podcast their sermons and also GIVE AWAY their material - graphics, videos etc etc.

Mark and I are going to use the time to see first hand what God is doing there and try to hook up with a few other churches we have become familiar with through blog world. The first being Ridgestone Church. Some of their staff have very kindly agreed to meet with us.

We are keen to learn all we can in building an incredible grace filled church that reaches people that NEED Jesus. I am sure that this conference and these churches will help us grow.


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