Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friends to die for

Last night I visited Blockbuster to get a couple of DVDs for the kids. Whilst there I decided to get one for Nicola & I to watch. After considering numerous titles that I am sure Nicola would have been quite interested in I choose one I was certain she would enjoy! - a war film. "Flags of our Fathers"

Telling the story behind the famous American war monument of Marines planting a flag in Iwo Jima. Although a very enlightening if somewhat sad story I found Clint Eastwood's depiction a little confusing and mundane.

However one little quote really hit me right at the end.

"Soldiers will fight for their country but they will die for their friends."

This would have to be a very special friendship. Probably the word friend has lost some of its meaning. We call people our friends so quickly. A quick look at the number of friends we can generate on Facebook can tell you that.

What I do know and am forever grateful for is that Jesus choose to die for his enemies so that we could become his friends - me included!


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