Wednesday, June 09, 2010

When a stutter becomes hope

You would think when God speaks we would act.

Reading today in Exodus 6 it seems to be a questioning God and His word.

The people of Israel were in such a bad place that their spirits were broken and even when God sent a message of hope to them they were in no place to hear what he was saying.

Then Moses on a direct word from God continues to tell God he is not the man. It was confirmed because the people had not listened to him and anyway he reminded God twice that he stuttered.

Reading it makes me laugh because in the cold light of day the facts were that it was no surprise to God that Moses stuttered. It was not breaking news.

But Moses was only doing what so many of us do. Look at our own weaknesses instead of the Omnipotent all powerful God. One thing is for sure whatever your "STUTTER" is God knows all about it so we need to stop hiding behind it and stop ARGUING with God and start OBEYING Him.

Take a chance and even if it takes you 5 minutes to force out a few faltering words, do it, and watch God show up and turn them into a beautiful psalm of hope,


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