Sunday, June 20, 2010

Building altars of gratitude

Was reminded today that Abraham continually through his life built altars of gratitude and thanks giving to mark God's faithfulness to him.

Check out Gen 12 v 7; 12 v 8; 13 v 18.

Abraham found a way to continually remember: "God is with us." - Jeff Henderson

So I decided to just note down a few times where "God has been with us" during our building project at MKCC.

  1. A "chance" conversation when we thought that the land adjacent to MKCC gone to someone else that suddenly brought a new possibility to us.
  2. A plot of land valued somewhere in the region of £1.5 million made available to us for £10,000. This is actually less than what MKCC paid for our original site 25 years ago.
  3. The turn round of our application for planning that was originally turned down almost unanimously by committee to being approved unanimously.
  4. The miracle of £1 million being pledged and given by the ordinary members of MKCC. Not by any huge one off gift but by many people making equal sacrifices before God. (And the money has now been spent).
  5. A further £300,000 being pledged over the next 3 years to assist with mortgage payments. The exact amount the bank wanted to see.
  6. A contractor agreeing to do a design and build project with us for no more money than we could have self managed the project ourselves. Saving us a huge amount of time.
  7. It is easy to forget God's faithfulness.
I am sure there will be further challenges ahead but as Pete Wilson says in his book Plan B:

"If you don't remember God's past faithfulness, you're going to have a hard time trusting him when you're up against the wall."


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