Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Gospel Message: Come and Die

Sometimes I struggle with the message we communicate to people when inviting them to come to Jesus.

When Jesus called his disciples he didn't promise them much other than "trials" & "persecution" in this life and eternity with Him. Nowadays we seem to want to promise much more. The extremists promise: perfect health & financial wealth.

Bonhoffer said: "When Christ calls a man he says come and DIE!"

Today I was reminded about the first of Jesus followers, Andrew. He travelled the world preaching the Gospel and seeing miracles in places like Greece & Russia. However in the middle of revival he was crucified with 20,000 converts looking on. Not our definition of revival!

Seeing himself as unworthy of facing the same death as his Saviour he was crucified on an X shaped cross upside down. He was tied to the cross so he would live and suffer longer. He is recorded as having said:

I would not have preached the honour and glory of the cross if I feared the death of the cross - St Andrew.

Would I really give my life? When sometimes I don't give my time, sometimes I don't give my talent and sometime I don't give my treasure.

Come and enjoy is popular and draws a crowd. Come and die does not have the same appeal and captures the few.

God help me.


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