Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Real Life. Weak Faith. Perfect Saviour

I subscribe to a number of blogs through Google Reader. So every day I log in to find lots of new entries. Many which I just speed read to find anything of interest. Others I read more closely because I know they will more often or not help, challenge or encourage me.

So today I got a huge surprise after over a year of silence a feed popped up by Shane Duffey. Honestly this guy gets under my skin and provokes me to change and grow. I had the opportunity to meet him & his wife and he is an amazing guy.

He has huge wisdom and you should ensure you have a note pad handy if you speak to him but more than that he is authentic & humble. A man of character.

The new title of his blog "Real Life. Weak Faith. Perfect Saviour" reflects him well. Check it out.


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