Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stay at home Conference

Over the last few years I am some of the other staff, leaders and volunteers at MKCC have been able to benefit from some great leadership conferences. I know that our everyone who has attended one of these has benefited greatly and our church has as a result felt the benefit.

This has included traveling to the USA and also various places around the UK. As nearly all the conferences are based in local churches you have the added benefit of seeing the church in action and usually stay with a family in that church. (Keeping the cost down).

Now with the benefit of technology we can hear some of these great leaders without leaving our house. They are:

The National Leadership Forum

Speakers include:

  • Jack Welch
  • TD Jakes
  • Patrick Lencioni
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Craig Groeschel
  • Erwin McManus
  • Tim Sanders
  • Matthew Barnett
  • Henry Cloud
It takes place on 10 - 11 September 7 am - 2 pm (GMT) Register here.

The Nines

Over 47 church leaders speaking for 9 minutes at a time.
  • Mark Batterson :: National Community Church (Washington, DC)
  • Dave Ferguson :: Community Christian Church (Naperville, IL)
  • Reggie Joiner :: reThink Group
  • Dan Kimball :: Vintage Faith Church (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Perry Noble :: NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC)
  • Ed Stetzer :: LifeWay Research
Starting at 9am (3 pm GMT) on 9/9/09. Register here.

No Travel, Best Seat in the house and all free.


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