Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Cross

Today it was great to have George Ridley at MKCC. George started our church over 30 years ago and continues to start and develop missions opportunities around the globe through LightForce International.

Today he spoke about the "Power of the cross". He reminded us powerfully that it is all about Jesus and what he did on the cross. Over 30 people responded to his invitation to follow Jesus!

Here are some of his quotes:

  • For some the cross is a lucky charm but to us it is where Jesus paid the price for our sin.
  • There is power in the name and cross of Jesus Christ.
  • God is far more concerned in getting out the good news than we are. So whenever we open our mouth for him all the power of heaven is behind us.
  • The gospel is not complicated it is simple. The power is not in the messenger the power is in the message.
  • People can be looking for miracles, some are looking for new things but we have simple message. A man went to a cross and died for us.
  • We need to be followers of Jesus not followers of the latest greatest preacher, church or trend.
  • You can not solve the worlds problems by practical deeds alone. Without the gospel you will never change the heart of a man.
  • George has been for a blood test and you would never believe that he was told he was too SWEET! (Smile)
  • The cross of Jesus is not something to be philosophised about it is something to be believed
  • Our faith does not rest on men's wisdom but on Jesus power.
  • You and I deserved to die because of our wrongdoing but God chose to put Jesus on the cross.
  • If we use our words and our wisdom we strip the cross of it's power. 1 cor 1 v 17. (Lets unleash power rather than strip.)
  • It doesn't matter how big your bank balance is. That may influence your life but it won't change your life. Only Jesus does that!
Just great stuff. The podcast will be up on Monday at


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