Monday, August 03, 2009

Church to give special treatment for bald people

As my hairline starts to receede I was glad to read that the church was to start to treat bald people as "special".

The article reports that a new publication "Everybody Welcome" is to assist churches making people feel welcome.

I have not read the book so I am not sure if the article reports it acurately and I am sure:

"Bald people could be in trouble from those overhead radiant heaters some churches have unwittingly installed" and that; "Special arrangements may need to be made for people who are overweight. Some pew spaces and chairs are embarrassingly inadequate for what is known in church circles as 'the wider community',"

But the sad thing is that the book reports that claims that only one in ten church visitors return because existing worshippers tend to be so unwelcoming.

The book reveals that 90 per cent of people who visit a church do not join them.

"We may not realise how unwelcoming we appear to the outsider," it says.

"In many churches it is normal not to speak to newcomers. We are not usually openly hostile, we just ignore them and eventually they go away."

I'm glad that I do not belong to a church like that but it is an urgent reminder.

Here is a preview of the DVD they have produced as part of the "Everybody Welcome" initiative.


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