Friday, August 07, 2009

4 Questions wives should ask their husband

Following up on our series iwantanewmarriage and the recent posts on "5 Questions husband should ask their wives" (Borrowed from Perry Noble) I noticed that he posted a follow up "4 Questions wive should ask their husband".

NOTE: Yes I know I have not posted answer to the 5th Question: What would you change about our marriage? But after the first 4 I had some work to do and Nicola has been off to camp all week. So holiday next week will be a good time to ask her. Lets hope her answer is not: YOU!

So the questions are:

#1 - Do You Feel Admired?

#2 - Do You Feel Respected?

#3 - Do You Feel Taken Care Of?

#4 - Is Our Sex Life Fulfilling To You?

Read Perry's thoughts here.


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