Friday, August 21, 2009

Do you worry about where you sit?

A few weeks ago I headed up to watch an ashes match at Edgebaston. My friend Andy and I arrive early so we can walk around the ground and savour the atmosphere. One of the things we like to do is spot well known people as we walk around. This year we passed people such as:

Merv Hughes, Trevor Francis, David Lloyd, Dickie Bird, Shane Warne & Ian Botham to name but a few. We also passed the guy who will probably be our next Prime Minister David Cameron. (Not a political preference but a likelihood) Off to some corporate hospitality box to wine and dine I thought.

Imagine our surprise when we ended up sitting a few rows behind him for most of the day. Him putting up with the rain most of the day as we did. I am sure he could have found his way into some hospitality area (Maybe he did at some point) but for most of the day he sat with his feet up on the advertising hording waiting for play to start like the rest of us.

It reminded me of a quote: "those who worry about where they sit don’t matter, and those who really matter don’t worry!”

Jesus didn't worry about where he sat and he sat in what some of us would deem undesirable places. The only status he worried was His status with God the father.

Ultimately he took the place of ultimate honour a seat at the right hand of God.


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