Thursday, April 09, 2009


Numbers 27

How would you feel if you had worked and grafted for years towards a goal only to see it taken away at the last possible moment? You have had to put up with all sorts of hardship, pressure and criticism but you were willing to endure it all in the name of God. After all it was Him that gave you the mission. You have remained faithful to everything he asked you to do almost down to the letter.

We there was one little slip up. You had become frustrated with the people you were leading because they were complaining yet again. God told you to speak into the situation and you hit out instead. And because of that the thing you had been working towards, God's mission for you, you were going to miss out on the verge of the fulfillment.

Annoyed, disappointed, angry or bitter would describe how I would feel. But Moses facing this obeyed God and facilitated the transition to a new leader that would take the prize and the next step.

Joshua was the perfect example of a leader in waiting. He served Moses the current leader faithfully. He kept his attitude right. He didn't lead a revolt. He waited for God's time and he kept himself full of God (v18)

Because Joshua kept himself right before God he was able to lead God's people to a new place. If you aspire to lead do it the Joshua way.


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