Monday, April 06, 2009

Cursed or Blessed

Numbers 22 & 23

In these chapters God's people face a new enemy who is scared out of their mind that Israel are coming. So Balak decides to leverage all his wealth to get them cursed. So he calls on Balaam who clearly had a reputation for this type of thing (v6) and offers to buy a curse.

Over the next couple of chapters we find that Balaam's task is impossible because God has already blessed His people and he is not going to permit a curse.

Strikes me that many Christians I meet and talk to are afraid of our enemy the devil. Yes he is real. He is angry. He does not like God's people but he is scared out of his mind that God's people are coming.

As a Christian I belong to God. I am the apple of His eye. I am in the palm of His hand. I have no need to fear the devil. I am blessed and God will not permit me to be cursed.

Now its time for us to terrorise the enemy with our leader Jesus by our side.


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