Thursday, April 16, 2009

How are you being fed?

I have often heard it said by people that they are unhappy in their current church because they are not being fed. (in respect of teaching) That is a subject in its self. But in my 35 years as a christian it is not something I have ever said. Maybe I was fortunate in that the Pastor who I grew up with, Roger Blackmore, was one, a great preacher and two an inspirer who encouraged me to study for myself.

I read the Bible, commentaries, books, listened to cassette tapes and traveled to services to hear great teachers. I also had a load of friends who enjoyed talking and debating scripture late into the night.

I learned a great lesson very early on in my christian life. One of the signs of a mature person is that he has learned to feed himself. So I continue to do the same thing I did when I was 12. Only now its much easier. I can now listen to great teachers from around the world without leaving my armchair.

So one of the things I did on holiday was listen to a load of Podcasts. If you are not already making use of this incredible resource then you need to repent, save up & buy an iPod. There are some incredible preachers and teachers giving away their messages on audio and video for free.

Here are a few recommendations:

Mosaic - Erwin McManus
Newspring - Perry Noble
Mars Hill Church - Mark Driscoll
Village Church - Matt Chandler

I would have said Church at the Movies & Roger Blackmore but his podcast does not seem to be updating since Christmas. Come on Rog sort it out!


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