Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Message v Messenger

The message is far important than the messenger.

In the story of Balaam told in Numbers 22 - 24 we find that God uses a donkey and a man to convey his message. He gave the donkey the ability to speak to help Balaam understand what was going on. That is amazing in its self but the fact that Balaam has a conversation is more amazing. I think I would have run a mile if a donkey started speaking to me.

Then God uses a man who is practiced in divination (Num 24 v 1) to speak his message. Not a great CV for someone to become the mouthpiece of God.

It just reinforces to me that the message is the important thing. Sometimes just sometimes we can get a little obsessed with the messenger. In my Pentecostal background we very often venerated the prophet as some guru. But we can also make stars out of our preachers of today.

Don't get me wrong I love listening to great communicators and want to be better myself. But always remember when something from a message brings a tear to your eye, encouragement to your heart, a challenge to you ways; it is not the wise words of the mouthpiece in front of you.

But the Holy Spirit at work confirming His message to your soul.


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