Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Worth it?

One of the actions we have taken as a church recently is the formation of a communications team. Church is all about people and one the things we are constantly trying to do is communicate. We are communicating the most important message on the planet. Jesus loves people and gave His life to make a relationship possible.

We want to get better at communicating this message. We know that is Jesus that makes the difference but we owe it to Him to do our best to tell as many people as we can in a real and relevant way so they don't miss the message.

We want to improve every aspect of our communication from preaching to a newsletter. This takes time, effort, money and of course creativity but isn't Jesus worth it?

Heads up to Tim who blogged about this video today. Think about the creativity, the time and the finance that went into this proposal. Are we prepared to put the same commitment into telling someone about Jesus when they attend our church.


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