Friday, September 28, 2007

Walk on the beach?

Read this quote today from Mark Beeson of Granger CommunityChurch :

"If we were just walking on the beach, we wouldn't need innovation. But we are climbing a mountain together."

Born and brought up in a sea side town I have spent many many hours walking on the beach. There is something very therapeutic strolling along yards of sand hearing the sea crash on to the shore. Its a great place to think, relax and reflect. We certainly need times like that in our lives. Maybe we need more times like that in the hive of activity we call life today. But we can not live there.

Church life has been anything but a walk on the beech this last few weeks. It has resembled more of a mountain climb. Great satisfaction at goals reached followed by great obstacles. Finding solutions and moving on. We have always got to remember that God is interested more in what we are becoming that what we are doing. Our destination is to become like Jesus. Sometimes our obstacles are of our own making, sometimes they are the creation of hell but sometimes they are there because God wants us to grow.

Becoming like Jesus and introducing a world to Him is a mountain worth climbing and ultimately more satisfying than a stroll along a beach.


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