Wednesday, September 26, 2007


29 years ago a 15 year old boy sat in a very small hall with about 20 or so people on a cold Thursday night. He had a great career planned out. Studying hard for his exams and getting ready for uni and hopefully a job as an accountant. It all seemed so clear.

Attending the small prayer meeting as he usually did every Thursday tonight was a little different there was a visiting speaker. A 62 year old pastor from England, Earnest Shearman. The massage surrounded the handover of God's prophetic mantle between Elijah and Elisha. It was as though the preacher was talking directly to the boy. With tears in his eyes he summoned up the courage to talk to Pastor Shearman and asked him to pray for him. As he was prayed for the old pastor took off his coat and placed it over the young boys shoulder and said some quiet words to him about his future.

I knew that a career in Accountancy was no longer an option and my life had to take a different path. It has not been totally smooth but from that night I have always tried to serve God to the best of my ability. In recent years this has meant taking up a full time role within church, but still some of the things that old pastor told me have not quite happened.

Why am I writing this now. Well this last weekend we had a visiting speaker a good friend of our church, Andrew Shearman, the son of Earnest. Although I have spent many great times with Andrew I have never told him about my encounter with his dad 29 years ago. This Sunday evening Andrew preached a very similar message (with a twist) to his dad 29 years ago and Andrew is now 62. I sat there and realised again that God was talking to me yet again.

Seems like God has something he wants me to hear. He somehow sent two men into my life a father and a son both at the age of 62 over a 29 year period. I think I better listen. Thank you God.


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